replica Rolex Submariner Guide: View the basics of waterproof watches

At sea level, the air around us applies more than 14 pounds of air per square inch. We are used to it, and everything around us, including our replica watches, can easily withstand this gentle pressure. But underwater - the pressure of water wants to smash any space, like our lungs or case. At a depth of only 10 meters, the pressure is twice the pressure we encountered on the ground. For divers' waterproof watches, the fragile movement must be protected by a gasket, a metal casing and a thick crystal.

Early watches were very easy to get wet, not to mention dust. In 1926, Rolex Watch Company introduced a new design that completely changed the watch industry. It is called the Rolex submariner and immediately summons the sea and the tightly closed tail it is named. The concept is simple: the back of the thread is tightly screwed onto the case, effectively sealing the water. Later, the Rolex submersible introduced a double-shield screw-in TwinLock crown, which represents another crown of the watch. When scuba diving became popular in the 1950s and 1960s, Rolex and countless other watch brands introduced waterproof watches that not only survive underwater, but also become a legitimate tool for divers. The "deep competition" began.

From the early stages of diving to today, we have seen deep competition among more and more Swiss watch companies. For them, the deep water depth rating is a sign of strength and solidity. It's not uncommon to see watches as deep as 1,000, 2,000 or even 4,000 meters, but no one will dive deeper, let alone survive. These depth grades are achieved by thicker and thicker cases made of steel or titanium in most cases, crystals and multiple synthetic gaskets and crown protection mechanisms.

So what is the appropriate depth rating? It depends on where you plan to bring your replica orologi. Of course, an impressive depth rating can represent durability and a robust construction. But NASA's tested and approved replica Omega Speedmaster series, astronauts and moon trips with spacewalks were only rated 30 meters. The international standard ISO 6425 for diving watches requires that the level of the waterproof watch must be at least 100 meters. In fact, the vast majority of divers did not drop more than 100 feet, let alone meters. However, for safety reasons, most waterproof watches are rated at least 200 meters, which provides a sufficient safety margin, especially when the gasket is aged.

But what if you are not a diver? The 30-meter Speedmaster you own should be able to handle the dampness of life, whether it is washing dishes, walking in the rain or splashing space capsules in the capsule. If you plan to do a lot of swimming or water sports, a waterproof fake rolex rated 100 meters or more will cut it. Don't mind the idea that some people wave their arms underwater (it adds water pressure). This is negligible.

If you weld oil pipelines deep in the North Sea? Well, sir, you are one of the few people who can prove this 3,900-meter Rolex DeepSea Sea Dweller. Dress proud. Be sure to replace the gasket every year to avoid potential water pressure.