replica Omega Seamaster Seamaster James Bond Watch Brief History

For many years, Bond has become a fashion icon, he likes the exquisite suits of Brioni and Tom Ford, the shoes of Church and Sunspel polo shirts. Bond also has a unique taste in watches. In Ian Fleming's novel, James Bond is wearing a Rolex explorer. But, as you probably know, he never crossed one in the movie. Instead, he wore the Rolex Mercury Submariner in the 1960s and 1970s, followed by a series of digital precision replica rolex from the late 1970s and early 1980s, and then returned to the Rolex watch in the late 1980s.

But since 1995, Bond has always chosen to wear replica Omega watches. Or Omega table choose James Bond - we don't know. We know that James Bond, who played Pierce Brosnan at the time, suddenly wore an Omega Seamaster professional watch in GoldenEye. The first replica Omega watch with a quartz Seamaster 300M laser beam comes in handy for our favorite secret agent. In the follow-up movie, Bond wears the automatic timer version of the Seamaster watch, 2533.80. Although it has been discontinued, it is still a very popular watch on the second-hand watch market. People still call it "James Bond Watch."

When Daniel Craig became the new James Bond of the Royal Casino, Omega decided to take the opportunity to cross the Seamaster Professional 300M series to the then new Ocean Planet Ocean series. The Royal Casino's replica Omega Seamaster Professional 300M (reference number 2220.80) is very similar to Craig's predecessor, Pierce Brosnan, but is now equipped with the George Daniels' coaxial escapement system. Omega has been ensuring that almost all mechanical replica watches (except the lunar watch) are equipped with a coaxial movement, as is the Seamaster Professional 300M Bond.

When Daniel Craig emerged as Bond in the quantum crisis, he was wearing another Seamaster Planet Ocean. This time, it is a smaller reference. 2201.50.00, 42 mm version of Seamaster Planet Ocean, stainless steel bracelet. Quantum of Solace is the end of Bond wearing the Seamaster Professional 300M watch, and some Omega hippocampus fans will regret it.

In Skyfall, Bond will wear at least another seahorse planet in the ocean. Definitely. Fake Omega often uses the limited edition watches used in the movie to commemorate Bond movies. For Skyfall, replica Omega has launched a limited edition Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M. The world will produce only 5,007 pieces (this is the 50th year of 007).

To commemorate Bond's 50th anniversary, replica Omega also launched a special Seamaster Professional 300M earlier this year (Basel World). The black version of the famous Blue Seamaster Professional 300M, black lacquered dial, 007 monogram and super replica horloges cool barrel design on the bottom cover.